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This Diwali, Gift Yourself the Key of Stress-Free Sleep

Although stress is the body’s natural response to protecting itself, chronic stress and anxiety can have many long-term effects, such as lack of sleep and sleepless nights.

Stress creates a sense of “fight or flight”. This increases your heart rate, breathes faster, and raises levels of stress hormones in your body. Anxiety is a stress that persists after the stressor disappears and produces similar physiological effects.

During times of unwanted stress or anxiety, relaxation techniques can evoke the body’s natural relaxation response. These include decreased heart rate and breathing patterns, decreased blood pressure, and a general sense of calm.

There are many strategies to relieve stress-free sleep at night and anxiety at bedtime. If stress and sleep are chronic problems, your doctor can help you understand the best approach for you.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Stress

Getting a good night’s sleep as often as possible is beneficial to your overall health and your emotional well-being.

The National Sleep Foundation’s first Sleep Health Index study found that those who reported poor sleep also experienced high levels of stress and low levels of life satisfaction.

It’s important to get the recommended 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night, but you will experience improved sleep.

Eat More Healthily

Give up unhealthy habits such as excessive alcohol and smoking. If you drink it, please take it moderately. According to Pritikin’s diet plan, women’s moderation means up to four drinks a week, less than half of one drink a day. This means up to 7 drinks a week and 1-2 drinks a day for men.

Make Your Bedroom Better For Sleep

The environment you live in also makes a lot of impact on your quality of sleep. As per the reports, your room must be dark while you sleep, and it should have minimal or no noise.

Meditation, Yoga & Workouts

Meditation is a well-known strategy for treating insomnia, and there are different types of meditation.

  • Mindfulness meditation is the process of observing emotions, thoughts, and emotions as they pass without judgment. Most of it is that it can be completely present at that moment and does not shift its focus to other ideas. It may not seem easy when you’re just starting meditation, but it’s easier with practice. It has been shown to reduce sleep disorders in adults.
  • Body scan meditation is a technique that slowly focuses on the body and feels sensations and pain. To practice this technique, you need to focus on a particular part of your body at a time. This is either a systematic head-to-toe scan or a more random scan of the body part that connects to the ground. Focus your attention completely on your body.
  • Guided meditation is verbally guided through the experience of meditation and encouraged to imagine a calming place. These guided meditations can include music and natural sounds to help you relax. Guided meditation can be found in many popular apps such as Headspace and Calm.

Meditation can be done at any time before bedtime or at night when you cannot relax. Daily physical activity can release both physical and mental tension.

Surprise Your Dear Ones Through Lovely Gifts

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Raised awareness and the feeling of being easily overwhelmed can help you cope with and deal with the situation. For athletes, it is important to manage stress before the game, and this additional boost in energy can help them run faster and play harder. Discomfort before the work deadline is beneficial to performance and can rejuvenate you.

However, according to the American Psychological Association, long-term or extreme stress can be harmful. Your body’s natural defences prepare for short periods of frequent stress.

Studies have found that chronic stress is caused even by serious illnesses such as heart disease. People who are extremely stressed often turn to unhealthy coping strategies. Habits such as overeating, using drugs and alcohol, overworking, spending too much time alone, and similar unhealthy habits lead to poor health.

A single stress event is not always negative, and it is the daily chronic stress that can affect your overall health. Neglected or improper treatment can lead to chronic stress. The good news is that following the above-mentioned easy ways can help you reduce stress moments and emotions in your daily life.

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