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The Secret Of Successful People Who Get Up Early

Getting up early is a sign that many successful speak about. From famous people in history such as Benjamin Franklin to the CEOs of the top companies, Olympic athletes, waking them early in the morning allows them to get a good start.

But the big question is: how do they do it? And most importantly, how can YOU follow the same routine? How can you wake up early and not feel tired, but instead be energetic, happy and take life as it comes?

Here are top three ways to hit the goal of waking up early

Go to bed early

For most people, 7-8 hours is essential for the body to function in the coming day. If you are well-rested, it’s easier to wake up. However, if you wish to wake up 2 hours earlier then go to bed 2 hours earlier. It may be hard at the start but becomes easy after a week. Also, put your phone out of reach and this means that when the alarm rings you have to get up to turn it off in the morning.

Have a higher purpose

By getting up two hours earlier, you gain 14 more hours in the week. Imagine the kind of progress you can make with that extra time. However, be clear with how it will be spent and how this move can take you closer to short/long-term goals.

Become clear with why you are getting up

What is your goal to achieve by getting up earlier? Sit and write down exactly what you wish to achieve in those early hours. When the time comes to leave the bed, have a list right next to you so the reason for getting up is clear.

Hence, people whose performances peak in the morning are better positioned for career success as they are more proactive than people who are at their best during evening hours. Studies say that early risers expect problems and try to minimize them. A number of studies have been known to link this trait with better performance, greater career success, and higher wages.

Not to forget that being awake and completing tasks before others are awake, is a highly comforting and satisfying feeling which everyone should experience only once. And once you have tried it out, it is very much worth thinking about making it a habit.

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