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How your old Mattress is Affecting you Everyday?

How your old Mattress is Affecting you Everyday?

In the time of privileged Indian culture of not disposing of whatsoever till there is even an impression of worth left in the product in question, an enormously huge number of individuals use their mattresses far more extensively than is safe for them. This exclusive habit of us to give a mattress like a family inheritance that has to be given down from one generation to another is not just preposterous, but definitely damaging to our health.

Here are some reasons for the same:

Age of the Mattress

There are some indications that let one understand that it’s time for new mattress shopping as the previous mattress has well and truthfully assisted its required and now needs to be thrown away. The age of mattress is the first and foremost thing- whatever is older than seven years has to be discarded.

Other Mattresses are better

Another certain sign for new mattress shopping is the fact that you constantly sleep better on a bed other than your own. Unintentional rolling at night or awakening tired and with a painful body are all symbols that it’s time to throw the mattress and go shopping for a new one.

Sagging & Lumpy Mattresses

The difficulty of sleeping on unusable and in many cases harmful mattresses is a severe one in our country. That is due to most individuals sleeping on what could be termed as primeval mattresses. Mattress filled with cotton wool are quite the standard, but these rapidly outlast their usefulness with the mattress losing its shape and leading you to mattress shopping.

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