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How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress Protector?

There’s nothing which ruins the feeling of just-cleaned sheets like realizing the mattress protector is looking a bit yellow. We know that you have to wash the sheets once every one or two weeks but what about the Mattress Protector? Our experts at Springwel are here to share their wisdom.

When we talk about mattress protectors, we mean a traditional covering. Pillow covers are a different thing as they come in so many varieties and the foam version cannot be washed at all.

One should wash the mattress protector every few months. The sheets go through more wear and tear than the branded mattress protector making it necessary to wash them more often. You lay directly on the sheets so they are the first line of defense against the body oils and dust getting to the mattress.

Springwel suggests to follow the care label for specific cleaning directions but in general, most protectors can be washed in warm water and tumbled on low to dry.

But there are a few exceptions. If you have some allergy or your pets sleep in your bed, you might have to clean the protector more often. You can decide how much you should increase the frequency considering the gravity of the signs and how much the pet sheds. By trial and error, you may have to wash it as often as fortnightly and monthly. If you spill a drink or notice a stain, wash the mattress protector immediately.

Earn extra points if you clean the mattress while the protector is in the wash. You do not have a bare mattress everyday so Springwel recommends using this time to vacuum up dust. Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda to absorb the odours. You can also treat the stains and spray the mattress with Lysol to kill the bacteria. Just allow it to dry fully before making the bed again.

Are you planning to buy online mattress protector? Springwel is your one stop solution for all your mattress needs. All of the above is enough to convince you!

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