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How is a Coir Mattress Different from Other Mattresses?

Are you feeling deprived of sleep? If so, you must be spending tiresome days that are lazy and less productive. You might have tried different things to improve your sleep. But the truth is that need something more than a cozy bed for a sound sleep. A good quality coir mattress is an important investment for your bedroom and to help you sleep better.

While there is a wide range of mattresses available in the market, such as bonded, spring, latex, and memory foam, coir mattresses are the best among all. Listed down are some amazing features that make coir mattresses different from otter mattress options in the market:

Made from premium materials

The best coir mattress is created from high-density rubberised coir and other premium materials like jacquard fabric and a strong core. All thanks to a rubberised coir foam mattress, your body can be at the ideal temperature while sleeping. This is because the coir mattress manages proper air circulation throughout the night.

Anti-sagging feature

The high-quality coir mattresses have an anti-sagging feature with water-blocking layers. These layers of coir sheets maintain the firmness of your mattress while giving proper support and comfort to your spine and body. It also offers the right firmness level and some cushioning for extra comfort and enhanced durability.

Improves overall health

Coir mattress comes embedded with a heath technology that prevents this mattress from breeding bacteria, dust mites and fungi. These mattresses are also great if you often suffer from respiratory issues like asthma, cold, sneezing, etc. The effortless blend of blocking layers provides amazing air circulation and comfort to your body.


Good quality coir mattresses are available at budget-friendly rates. It also comes with at least seven years warranty. This means it’s a good one-time investment for users. If you are saving some money to buy a new mattress, you must ensure to invest in the premium quality coir mattresses by Springwel.

Better sleep is the main concern for most people because it’s directly linked to our overall health and wellness. Investing in a good mattress that suits your sleeping posture and body type is important for better sleep. Therefore, you must choose the right mattress for your bedroom, only after proper research.

When looking for a coir mattress, buy products with accurate firmness, thickness and softness as per your preference and priority. All these factors, when combined in a coir mattress, can help in relieving your pressure points while reducing back pain.

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