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Five Expert Tips to Sleep Like a Kid Again

Many pieces of research have shown us that six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is essential for good mental and physical health at any age. Yet many of us struggle to get proper sleep at night. Around 13% of our population even suffers from insomnia or other conditions that lead to sleep deprivation.

If you are also suffering from lack of sleep, here are some expert tips from therapists to help you sleep better like a baby:

A bed suitable for king or queen

Just like we treat ourselves with fine dinners, special wines and new holidays, we need to make efforts to create a better sleep environment. You can invest in a good-quality bonded mattress that’s designed for king/queen sized couples or singles for getting better sleep. Also, add comfortable pillows and bed sheets for a good night’s rest.

Some like it hot while others like it cold

While some people like a cold bedroom environment, others prefer it to be warm for a comfy sleep. Depending on your individual preference you can invest in a good quality spring mattress or bonded foam mattress to achieve better sleep. If your partner like it cold and you like it hot, you can invest in high-density memory foam mattresses or hybrid mattresses that can be adjusted as per each spouse’s comfort level.

Embrace silence

Besides investing your time and money on buying a puff foam mattress or a memory foam mattress, you need to consider a silent environment for better sleep. It is best to create a silent environment indoors while sleeping. Try to shut your windows if you are disturbed by outside noises. If you find the sound of waterfalls, rain or waves soothing, try to list to that sound when in bed to fall asleep quickly.

Dark, dim or in-between

Just like a good medicated mattress, room lighting also helps in getting you better sleep. Some people need complete darkness for sleep, whereas others may require dim light for better sleep. Keep your bedroom light as per you and your partner’s comfort level to get uninterrupted and better sleep at night.

Electronics must snooze too

When going to bed, you need to switch off your radio, TV, iPods, computer and even keep your mobile phone away to sleep without any disturbance. If you want to keep an alarm, using a traditional alarm clock to help you wake up instead of your Smartphone. This is because your mobile phone’s radiations are considered bad for health and even disrupt your sleep cycle.

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