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7 Essential Questions to Help You Find the Perfect Pillow

From microbeads and buckwheat to high-density foam, you get different types of pillows in the market today. But with so many pillow options, you’re likely to get confused that which pillow type is perfect for you. To solve the confusion, we’ve compiled a list of seven essential questions that you must ask before buying a pillow:

1. What’s your usual sleep position?

You must buy a pillow depending on your sleeping posture to get your body aligned from neck to ankles. Your pillow must not strain your neck and cause any discomfort while sleeping.

  • Side sleepers must choose a fibre pillow, which is thick and firm.
  • Stomach snoozers can choose a thin and soft pillow.
  • Back sleepers need a supportive Tempur long hug pillow.

2. What’s your mattress type?

Your mattress and pillows go hand in hand. Therefore, you must ensure that they work well together. If your mattress is firm, you must invest in soft Tempur design pillow because pillow on a firm mattress is likely to adjust the weight of your head in the staring sleeping position. Likewise, with a soft mattress, choose a firm pillow to keep your neck and head aligned with the body.

3. Do you sleep hot or cold?

If your body feels warm while sleeping and you don’t require any covers or blankets while sleeping, you need to choose a memory foam pillow that keeps your body temperature regulated. But if your body feels cold, you can invest in Tempur Traditional Comfort Pillow.

4. What’s your budget?

Pillows are available in so many different options that might get expensive. So, you need to set a budget before investing in a good fibre pillow or high-density memory foam pillow. There is no need to shell out too much money on a pillow. Just look for a good quality pillow at a reasonable price range.

5. When is the time to replace a pillow?

Give your pillow a good sniff. If it smells, you need to give it a wash or throw it away. If your pillow has lost its bounce and fluffiness, it’s time to say it goodbye. Do look for a new, quality Tempur design pillow for your comfort.

6. How much time could you spend on your pillow maintenance?

While cleaning a pillow is easier than a mattress, as it can be tossed into a washing machine to get rid of dust mites, dirt, and stains, certain pillows may require dry cleaning only. So, read the manufacturer’s care label carefully. According to experts, you need to wash your Tempur long hug pillow two to four times annually to keep them lasting longer.

7. Do you and your family members have any allergies?

If you or your family members are allergic to feather pillows, you need to invest in Tempur Traditional Comfort Pillow or hypoallergenic memory foam pillow to prevent dust build-up that causes such allergies.

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